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I have posted a toddler hat!! April 19, 2010

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Ok, people.  Here’s the deal.  Since I last posted, I have not only dug around for old projects that I had meant to post on my Etsy Shop, but I have actually made something new…drumroll…clapping…yes!  A HAT!  But not just any hat, ladies and gentlemen!  It’s a hat… for TODDLERS!!!  Anyway, I thought it was pretty darn cute.  I did  a little digging as to what a toddler hat usually goes for on Etsy, and I came up with an average of about 17 bucks, so that’s what I listed it for.  I encourage any feedback- too pricy?  you would pay more? (I like option B, but be honest.  I can take it.)  Tomorrow, I plan to post a very colorful scarf that I made a while back and liked so much I procrastinated on whether or not to sell it.  So, I folded it up in a bag and put it with my yarn stash and forgot about it after a few months.  I also found a little toddler belt and matching hat and a non-matching headband.  I’ll post those too.  Seriously, let me know what you think about the items, the pricing- be honest, I really want to sell stuff, and I’m just going off of beginner’s thinking.

Besides all of that- well, I think I’ll talk about life stuff tomorrow.  I’m pretty tired, and my daughter just finished an hour long screaming fit, so the head isn’t feeling too great- there’s a ringing that I don’t think is normal…

By the way, I added a link to my shop to the right there under “Blogroll”.


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