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Hello All! May 15, 2010

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So I have officially entered by second trimester of pregnancy!  I am fifteen weeks along, and I am feeling much better overall!  No tummy aches!  I am super happy about this!  I have taken a short break from making things for my etsy shop because I am trying to make some things for someone for a special occasion.  No details until later- just in case that someone reads this…

Anyway, things are going well here.  Chloe is as cute as ever.  I love her more and more every day.  I am also starting to get attached to the new baby.  He or she is healthy so far.  We have a doctor’s appointment on Monday to make sure.

Tony is almost done with this semester.  It has been crazy!  For all of those Moms married to full time college students- I pray for you.  Please pray for me!  It can be like being a single parent sometimes.  I am just lucky that Tony is so diligent about making those times as short as possible.  He is really trying to keep family above school, which can be difficult with all the deadlines and papers and everything.  I will be so happy when he graduates!  Only one more year to go!

Well, that’s all for today!  I am a little tired, so this is just an update.  No funny stories.  Sorry.  Maybe next time.


One Response to “Hello All!”

  1. kimmy0808 Says:

    Congratulations and finally your done on the first trimester. First term for me is the worst time of pregnancy.. I hate the morning sickness, nausea and vomiting and even the mood swings.

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