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I have made my first item of clothing!! April 29, 2010

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I have always wanted to loom knit a sweater, so I decided to start small.  It turned out pretty well, so I think that whenever I find out if my baby is going to be a boy or a girl, I am going to knit them a sweater too.  I put this one in my Etsy Shop for $12.  Reasonable price?  If anyone is interested in buying this one or wants one in a different color, let me know.  And keep in mind, I’m a bargaining girl.  If you think the price is unreasonable, and you offer something reasonable, I just might consider knocking down the price.

Well, lessons learned from this project:

#1: On the sleeves I had to increase the stitches by two on each side.  That part was fairly simple (though if you don’t know how and want to know, let me know).  However, I made the mistake of starting the project on the very end of my board (this was knitted on a board not a circle loom).  So, when loom knitting and you have to increase on both sides, start a couple pegs down the line so there is room to increase on BOTH sides.

#2: If you do make the mistake of starting your project in the wrong spot or you start on a loom too small, thread a piece of thread through each loop, taking them off the pegs as you thread.  Then, to move the loops, all you have to do is carefully remove the thread, one loop at a time, and put each loop where you want it on the same board or on a bigger one.

If any of you beginner loom knitters have any questions, just let me know and if I know the answer, I will let you know!

I am also trying to think of ways I can promote my Etsy Shop offline, maybe with business cards or posters or something along those lines.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know!  As I get more items in my shop, I will want to make sure people are at least seeing it.

Update in the life of Bri:  Chloe and I went to the emergency room last night, but we are both ok.  I just wanted to make sure the baby was ok because of some abdominal pain and light bleeding, which for those of you who don’t know, can be perfectly normal.  Chloe had been sick and seemed to be getting worse with random outbursts of the cry that means “ouch”.  It turns out that sometimes diaper wearers can get a UTI from lint in the diaper or something.  They didn’t seemed worried about it, just gave her some antibiotics.  As for me, I have the flu or some kind of stomach virus.  I’m supposed to get rest (LOL) and eat a bland diet and drink plenty of liquids, which means my already frequent trips to the bathroom have become even more frequent.  I think we are both feeling a little better now, though, after getting some medicine.  By the way- kudos to my awesome husband who, though he is crazy busy with school and work, is still there for me when I need him.  God has really blessed me with my man.